Bariatric Nutrition

Nutritional support both before and after surgery, including support for those who need assistance to get back on track years after their weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery is an enormous commitment to make and it is absolutely crucial that patients have a thorough understanding of why and how they eat throughout their journey to prepare themselves for long term success.


Elize works with Surgical Weight Solutions Bariatric Dietitian. However, she is happy to take bariatric patients who have had surgery at other bariatric practices, including those who have had surgery overseas. 


The team at Surgical Weight Solutions includes Mr Michael Booth, an experienced Bariatric Surgeon, and Catherine Kissel, an experienced registered psychologist. As such, the knowledge and support available to the patients go far beyond dietetics. 

Medical insurance may cover your appointments so please check with your provider.


13-15 Shea Terrace
Auckland, 0622
New Zealand


09 441 2750 / 0508 934 448

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