As a nurse of 30 + years’ experience, I would describe myself as having a reasonable degree of health literacy and being well informed. Imagine my surprise when I found myself in the position of being so overwhelmed with my health changes and daily symptoms that I felt completely overwhelmed with the information that I was reading. I was no longer able to manage my condition and my quality of life was fast disappearing.


What really worked for me was seeking specialist advice from a dietitian. This was a “game-changer”.

Elize is very easy to engage with, non-judgemental and was able to make sense of my emotional pleas for help. I was given information that was valid and appropriate for my needs. I was given a plan with options that ultimately improved my symptoms and give me a life back.


If you are in a position of thinking about asking for dietary advice, I would encourage you to follow through and make that appointment. It will make a difference and be totally worth it.


I visited Elize in early 2019 after being diagnosed with IBS.


After our first meeting, I was pleasantly surprised by how knowledgeable, professional and kind she was. She made me feel completely at ease, which meant I was able to talk comfortably about things i.e. my symptoms that I've previously found embarrassing.


Elize put me onto the FODMAP diet to find my triggers for IBS. The FODMAP diet is quite complex however Elize was extremely thorough in explaining it, plus she was able to answer my many questions in a patient and clear manner.


I also received detailed and organised resources that provided me with all the information I needed.


If I ever felt confused, I was able to email Elize with any queries to which she promptly responded.


I now have a much clearer understanding of which foods trigger my symptoms, and therefore a lot more control over my life.


All in all, I think that Elize is a great dietitian with a vast knowledge of her field.


She truly attempts to understand her clients whilst using her training, additional research and own experiences to offer balanced and realistic advice. 


Having suffered from the diverticular disease for a number of years I sought out Elize to seek the latest preventative and maintenance dietary advice. 


Whilst there is plenty of internet information and discussion it can be confusing and contradictory. 


We were able to review in detail specific foods and food groups to identify the various benefits and shortcomings as it related to my diet and ongoing overall health. 


Elize was well prepared for my visit, knowledgable, a good listener and has provided ongoing support for my specific diet-related questions. 


I have no hesitation in recommending Elize for anyone contemplating dietary advice. 


Elize is my wonderful bariatric dietitian.


I am now pregnant after bariatric surgery. She gave me guidance on the right things to eat and good alternatives before and after weight loss surgery, and now while I am pregnant after surgery.


It is good to get you back on track if you are wandering off. Elize has supported me each and every time I needed her advice.


I put on weight because I was uneducated about food choices. Having this surgery is a lifetime investment and it should be protected. You wouldn’t buy a Lamborghini and put diesel into it, would you?


If you are on the fence about whether to get support after bariatric surgery, I strongly recommend working with Elize.


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